Egal is a company who have, for many years, specialized in barrel plating processes on metals. This is carried out with by the use of state-of-the-art systems. Based in Origgio, our company is held in high regard thanks to the quality of the work carried out across the Varese province and Milan.

Barrel Plating procedures on small, metal parts

Experienced, highly qualified staff and the provision of cutting edge machinery is essential for processes performed on small, metal parts. Active for many years in the industry, Egal is able to respond adeptly to the requirements of precision and quality through the use of specific systems for barrel plating processes. These systems involve the insertion of bolts, nuts and washers into a device which, by revolving the components, allows them to absorb the fluid with which each piece must be evenly coated.

How the barrel plating process works

Thanks to the barrel plating process, it is possible to produce economically, a vast quantity of small items, thus processing hundreds of thousands of pieces a day. Accessories, promotional gadgets and technical components are coated in real metal, thus making them more valuable. The application of this process ensures a strong resistance to high temperatures and chemical agents, in addition to this, an appearance absolutely equal to that of metal is imparted to the surface of the item. In this way, excellent results are obtained using plastic objects which are lighter and less expensive than those which would have previously been produced in metal.


Worked metal component
Gold plated component
Component after barrel-plating process
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