Gold plating is a galvanic treatment carried out by Egal explicitly for the finishing touches on metal, manufactured goods which are specifically intended for the industries of costume jewellery, clothing and cosmetics. Our company based in Origgio, (in the province of Varese), uses the most advanced technology for the execution of fast, accurate processes on vast quantities of components.

The process

Through the procedure of galvanic gold plating, the treated components are more resistant with additional aesthetic impact. The metal, manufactured item which is to undergo the process is moistened and charged with an electric current. More specifically, the current passes from the electrode in gold to the component, distributing gold particles onto the surface of the manufactured item. Thus it is obtains a layer which gives it both strength and uniformity. The thickness of the resulting coating will vary with an increased or decreased fineness in accordance with the intended use of the object. For items with an ornamental purpose, such as buckles and buttons, the layer is finer, so as to impart greater aesthetic finesse. With the components that are destined for different sectors, such as electrical home appliances and machine components, the layer must be more than twice the normal size, to ensure superior durability and strength.

Precision and cutting edge systems

This is Egal's strong point vis-à-vis the execution of our gold plating and precision processes. Thanks to innovative processes and qualified staff, the surface finish is always impeccable. This is why companies in different sectors, from jewellery to mechanical industries, will turn with confidence to our company, even for universal, standard production.


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