Egal now offers its customers nickel-freeprocesses on plastic, namely metallization and finishing processes, with zero nickel emissions so as to avoid incidences of irritating skin allergies. Often used, alone or in alloy form with other metals such as white gold, platinum and cobalt, nickel is very versatile and resistant to oxidation, corrosion and heat but often causes allergic reactions.

Zero emission processes

The nickel-free processes arranged by our company in Origgio, (in the province of Varese), allow the creation of hypo-allergenic products which comply with EU legislation. The incidence of allergies and intolerances to this material has unfortunately increased in recent times, so considerably that, since the nineties, the European Union has issued a series of regulations in order to define the maximum quantities that may be contained in objects which come into direct contact with the epidermis.

The results of the nickel-free processes are absolutely equivalent to those obtained by the alternative procedures. In fact, the durability, the variety of colours, the shiny finish and aesthetic effects upon the manufactured items are nevertheless guaranteed. This is particularly important because the sectors that most commonly request these particular treatments are those in which the aesthetic aspects are held in higher regard. We might for example consider jewellery and costume jewellery, fashion accoutrements such as glasses and accessories or clothing lines and their attachments, such as zips and buckles.


Nickel-free bracelet
Nickel-free ring
Nickel-free item
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