Chrome plating and nickel plating are two chemical processes which have both an aesthetic and technical function: on the one hand giving objects an enhanced finish, thus increasing their perceived value and placing them at a higher level within the target market; on the other hand they protect them from wear and ageing. With our head office located in Origgio, within the province of Varese, Egal has worked in this industry for three generations.

Procedural results

Egal's customer base originates from various, different sectors, each with special requirements regarding the security and treatment of components and manufactured products designed for different uses. Via the chrome plating and nickel plating procedures it is possible to moisten the metal components by means of cutting edge systems which give each component specific characteristics. Greater resistance, durability, and a shiny finish are some of the effects obtained. In cosmetics, for example, the ability to produce articles with a high resistance to alcohol, essences and solvents, is crucial in order to achieve the possibility of vast distribution whilst retaining a high-quality guarantee.

Resistance provision

Consideration to the resistance of the individual metal components is crucial. In the field of electrical household appliances, for example, the processes of chrome plating and nickel plating are very important. The surfaces of the components, are in fact, particularly exposed to the abrasive properties of detergents and thermal shock. Because of this, Egal responds with both specifically targeted and routine treatments.


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