EGAL the Company

Egal specialises in treatments that provide galvanic processing for plastics and metals. The company also provides for the processing of small, metal parts via the use of barrel plating and static systems.

In addition to nickel, gold and chrome plating, the company offers more than 30 different types of processes, including nickel-free treatments.

Active in the industry for over three generations, Egal is also a benchmark for great value vis-à-vis the galvanic processing of ABS plastics and metals.

The company was in fact, among the first in Italy to carry out galvanic processes on plastic by use of barrel plating: for this reason today, Egal is able to ensure remarkably efficient services, also operating a static system for use on special nylons, polycarbonate and ABS blends, polystyrene, and thermosetting resins.

Each galvanic surface treatment is devised to enhance the value of all types of plastic objects, whilst guaranteeing a perfect seal against essences, solvents and alcohol.

With consistent professionalism and attention to detail, Egal supply gold, nickel, silver, palladium, brass, copper and all types of alloy coatings, as well as providing shiny, matte, pearlescent, antique or aged finishes.

Furthermore, in response to the diverse needs of designers and stylists, Egal has assembled a catalogue which offers over 30 different colour finishes (gunmetal, chrome, verdigris, etc.).

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