Static processes, carried out with the use of cutting-edge equipment, are able to ensure the perfect application of metal coatings. Our company, Egal, based in Origgio - within the Varese province - and also active in Milan, executes metal processes through which it is possible to obtain various finishes. Amongst these, the most popular colours are pearl-nickel , gold-nickel and pearl-black-nickel.

Static systems

This apparatus consists of a series of tanks containing metals such as nickel, gold, silver and platinum. The object to be coated is, consequently, immersed in the tanks and, depending on its own metal composition, undergoes a process of nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating or platinum plating. The advantage of static processing is the opportunity to diversify immersion times. In this way you can vary the thickness of the protective coating, increasing or decreasing this in accordance with specific requirements. By means of the system used by Egal it is possible to monitor the coating thickness thanks to complex control systems operated by a computer. The management of this system, carried out via customized software, guarantees a high degree of versatility and efficiency.

Anti-Corrosive Effect

Proper maintenance of the system ensures that the coatings are particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. The tanks, are in fact, carefully degreased, the sludge deposits are removed, and the baths undergo regular inspections. Consequently, the static processes obtained are flawless.


Worked component
Gold plated component
component after processing
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